About us
SoCal Ag & Landscape Pest Management is a family owned company surrounded by a talented team that has a passion for the management of pests in agricultural and non-agricultural settings. Our multi-disciplinary team comprised of pest control advisers and qualified applicators recognize the importance of  customer service to fully understand our client service needs. Thank you for placing your confidence in us and we look forward to building a strong future together
We strongly believe all organisms were created and placed in their habitats by the LORD almighty on the fifth and the sixth days of the creation. It is us, humans, who alter the ecosystem where they interact and cause population unbalances. We also believe it is the LORD who will prevent pests from devouring our crops (Malachi 3:11), and based on those words we founded SoCal Pest Management to be some of the agents the LORD uses to fulfill his promise.
With over 6 years of experience, we have mastered integrated pest management methods that minimize hazards to the environment, human health and beneficial organisms. Our approach is suitable to different settings ranging from farms, recreation areas, commercial and habitational complexes, educational institutions, buildings, homes and much more.