Pest Identification and Monitoring
Accurate pest identification is key to select proper management options. Field, orchard or landscape monitoring, which is basically checking for pests or damage symptoms, is used to predict pest population levels that help determine whether future control actions will be needed.
Pest Management Recommendations
Our experienced pest control advisers would offer advise on pest management practices and/or products that can be used to prevent, control, or reduce pest presence or damage in agricultural fields, orchards or urban landscapes.
Other Crop and Landscape Management Advice
As part of our comprehensive crop and landscape management programs, our pest control professionals will also offer advice on other important cultural and mechanical practices such as fertilization, irrigation, crop rotation, etc.
Pesticide Use Reporting
Our highly trained pest control advisers provide pesticide use reporting services so that growers and or site managers can file them to their corresponding counties.
Field worker and applicator training
Our commitment to help prevent human health hazards is the basis for our field worker and applicator training programs that address safety procedures, handling emergency situations, laws and regulations, proper usage of personal protective equipment and requirements for medical supervision when conditions apply.
Equipment Calibration
Another important service our agricultural professionals provide with the purpose of reducing hazards to our environment, ensuring accurate pesticide rates are applied and of avoiding plant injuries or inadequate control.